Newlook Developer

Newlook Developer

Quickly create Web, desktop and mobile IBM i applications from existing RPG,
COBOL, CA 2E (Synon) and CL code.

The smart approach to green screen modernization

Newlook creates Web, desktop & mobile IBM i applications

Newlook Developer is a powerful application development and green screen modernization tool that automatically transforms your 5250 green screens into spectacular modern UIs for desktop, Web and mobile. Supporting a rich set of GUI controls, desktop integration, Web services and direct database access, Newlook Developer lets you extend the functionality of your IBM i applications and enables users to access them quickly and securely anytime, from any device. Newlook Developer’s functionality simplifies and improves the way you maintain, enhance and evolve your IBM i applications.

Dynamic transformation

Newlook developer’s unique rules engine dynamically recognizes and transforms any 5250-based system into web and mobile-ready applications, instantly improving how your applications look, and making them accessible to the business.

Reduced maintenance

Once the Newlook Developer engine has completed the transformation, your flat green screens are in modern object models that can be extended far beyond green screen capabilities. The engine’s Global Rules and automated transformation greatly reduce double maintenance effort.

Rich, intuitive designer

Total UI control. Intelligent rulers, smart guides and in-place editing allow the best WYSIWYG UI design. Intuitive design environment with common tasks automated saves you time and money. Single-click browser preview allows instant testing of your solution with any browser.

Easy to use

Newlook Developer’s automated functionality transforms any 5250-based system into Web and mobile-ready applications, instantly improving how your applications look. Its unique rules engine dynamically recognizes changes to the code; it interprets your application on-the-fly, leaving you free to extend and edit code without having to maintain the GUI.

Easy to integrate

Integrate multiple RPG, COBOL and CA 2E applications, or even third-party ERPs and desktop applications in a single Web, desktop or mobile interface. This can be accomplished in just a few minutes and greatly improves workflow, allowing your users to work more effectively and be more productive. Best of all, you can do it without having to access any source code or do any programming.

Easy to access

Newlook Developer provides interfaces optimized for Web, desktop and mobile out of the box. The simple drag-and-drop designer enables you to easily make enhancements, resulting in intuitive Web applications that have the look, feel and functionality of native applications. Best of all, they can be delivered in a fraction of the time it would take to build them from scratch.

How Newlook Developer can help you:

Transform your green screens to Web and mobile applications

Unique rules-based engine allows you to dynamically transform any 5250 green screens into Web and mobile applications. The only refacing tool to automatically create a full set of modern controls.

Integrate IBM i applications with other applications

Integrate with Web, desktop, mobile and other platforms such as Windows, Unix and Mainframe.

Improve application workflows and processes

The transaction recorder enables you to pick up transactions/key strokes at any point in the process and create reusable Web services.

Easily create modern UIs

Transformation with Newlook is based on UI industry standards – developers don’t have to be modern UI experts to develop functional and intuitive screens that users will love.

Easily deliver to Web & mobile

Enhanced support for mobile and browser delivery using HTML5 and CSS3 lets you deliver feature-rich, fully modern applications to your users.

Gain Insight on your applications

Use Insights to find the high value areas of your application, know what your users are really doing.

Newlook Developer key technical features:


‘Insights’ helps you understand how your application is being used and enhances workflow.

Capacity to create reusable components from 5250/OA/3270 applications for Service Oriented Architecture (SOA).

Integrated debugging, error handling, printer emulation and multi-session & file transfer support; multiple APIs for seamless desktop integration.

Point-and-click macros or scripts for easy integration and extension.

‘Designer’ provides drag and drop support for re-facing and new UIs for composite application.

Integrated support for emulation, HTML5 UIs, Smart Client UIs; supports IBM’s RPG Open Access & SSL and VPN for flexible security.