Who Are We

About Us

AS Networks Group of Companies provide independent support and solutions to all IBMi and Power Systems across continents – giving us IBMi (AS/400) experience since 1998. We cater for multi-sector clients from Financial Institutions, Insurance Principals to Telcos and Industries managing Big Data.


AS Networks and its Partners currently lead the way with solutions based smart tools that:
a. Automate code transformation;
b. Improve developer productivity;
c. Speed up time to market;
d. Promote low-risk, phased approach towards digital innovation; and
e. Improve operational processes for future scalability and agility.

Our Philosophy

Your trusted partner in IBMi Systems Management – 600 clients in 6 continents
We offer Solutions that optimises our Clients’ current systems/ existing infrastructure and platforms as much as possible to minimise Capex outlay.

About The Company

We started 21 years ago to focus on providing high quality new and refurbished / legacy IT hardware to business at lesser capex spend. We have since evolved to become an Independent Solutions provider in the Region.

In 2020, and over 500 clients later and over a 98% retention rate, we remain strong and our solutions continue to enhance the management and administration of the IBM i owners regionally as we always believed we have been doing things the right way.

We have 2 core business solutions verticals:

1. Technology Solutions Division (ITSD), which focuses on Hardware Sales and Support, Consulting Services, Network Support Services and IT Outsourcing Services, and
2. Technical Support Services Division (TSSD Capabilities), which focuses on high performance monitoring and software solutions of system services in the nation, which includes Infrastructure Resilience ; Managed Services ; Network Monitoring / Network Assessment /Network Discovery ; Application Performance Monitoring / IT Disaster Recovery Services ; Relocation Services ; Database Support and Maintenance ; Cloud Hosted ERP; Cloud Hosted Backup and Recovery Service ; IBMi High Availability/DR Service that provides real-time data replication and failover & IBMi Tapeless Backup and Replication.

Our Solutions

We deal primarily in solutions for IBM i management and modernisation strategy which covers the following:

  • A customised solution aimed at enabling the adoption of modern processes, practices and technology – AS Networks
  • IBM i experts staffing and resources – we help identify Skilled Developers who are proficient in RPG, COBOL, CA 2E (Synon), PHP, Java, Node.js, Python and more – As Networks
  • GUI, Web and Mobile Interfaces – Sustaining green screen relevance by providing your applications a modern look and feel – Presto / New Look Suite / WebSmart
  • Application Documentation: Automatically document and describe systems in a straightforward and easily shared manner – X- Analysis
  • Reporting and Document Distribution – Convert IBM i data (spool files, checks, invoices, reports and bar codes) into real-time, easy-to-access documents that improve decision making – Formtastic
  • Maxava Recovery Bundle AS Solutions – HA / Mi6 /Mi 7 / Mi 8 / CPR, Disaster Recovery (DR) and RTV (Remote Tape Vaulting) solutions
  • A Bundled solution that manages 360-degree data protection in three ways:

> Proactively monitors for critical issues across all IBM i systems
> Replicates data in real-time to any configuration on premise or cloud
> Guards against accidental deletion (due to human error or others)