IBM DB2 for i (AS/400 DB2) to PC Databases Real – Time Data Replication

Access your AS/400 data in real time with no concern for the production impact

– Complete Set Up In Minutes

– AS/400 Skills – Free

– Agent Installation – Free

– Maintenance – Free

– Automated Operation

– 100% Data Consistency

– Production Impact – Free

– Happy and Satisfied Users

  • Specially Designed for IBM DB2 for i
  • Support MySQL, MS SQL Server, Oracle, MariaDB, Postgres SQL, LUW DB2, MaxDB, Tibero
  • Access your data in real time with no concern for the production impact

QMirror DB makes it easy and risk-free to replicate data from IBM DB2 for i (AS/400 DB2) to various PC databases (MySQL, MS SQL Server, Oracle, MariaDB, Postgres SQL, LUW DB2, MaxDB, Tibero) in real time, enabling you to improve business efficiency, reduce operating costs, utilize open-source resources, and make proactive business decisions based on current events.

Increase Business Agility

Fresh data at your fingertips enables faster and better reporting, analytics, decision-making, and services, giving your business a competitive edge.

Improve Operational Efficiency

QMirror DB replaces traditional labor-intensive, periodic, and not real-time manual replication processes and reduces your administration time with automated and secure conversion

Reduce Operating Costs

By moving analytics and reporting tasks off the AS/400 platform you can save your AS/400 system resources, thereby saving on operating costs.

Set Up Remote Offices At Ease

Distribute your AS/400 data to segmented PC database servers with QMirror DB, making your organizational data easily accessible for analytics and reporting across branches.

Ensure Data Integrity

Advanced data replication technology ensures continuous and trusted data delivery. Automated verification assures 100% synchronization between your AS/400 and the target databases.

Boost Your Data Migration Plan

Fast and robust data download/replication helps you migrate off the AS/400 platform to PC databases/SQL servers, on PC servers or hosted in the cloud like AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud at ease.

Utilize Open-Source Resources

With your databases in sync, you can utilize open-source applications at a much lower cost.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Business Intelligence (BI)

Online Analytical Processing (OLAP)

Data Warehouse (DW) and More

Finish Set Up In Minutes

IBM i Skills-Free

IBM i Agent Installation-Free

Pre-Installation On Windows Server-Free

Training and Maintenance-Free

Tiny Loading On IBM i and PC Server

Impact-Free on Production System

Happy and Satisfied Users

QMirror DB, with a size of 150 MB, is the only application you need to install. Since it demands tiny system resources, you can install it on the target database server.

Advanced Data Replication Technology (ADRT) embedded

Auto-buildup indexes from IBM i physical and logical files

Unicode and DBCS (Chinese, Japanese, Korean) support

Auto-monitoring and performance tuning

Auto-recovery after connection failures

Auto-data synchronization verification

Trusted real-time data delivery

Cost-effective subscription plan

Responsive supports by IBM i experts

Flexible and Scalable Real-Time Replication

With QMirror DB, you can consolidate your IBM i data into centralized PC databases or data warehouses, or distribute segmented data to users or applications. All in real time.

Standard Edition for One-Way Replication
Download/replicate data from AS/400 (iSeries/System i/IBM i) DB2 to PC database servers

Premium Edition for Bi-Directional Replication
Download/replicate data between AS/400 (iSeries/System i/IBM i) DB2 and PC databases servers

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Supports by IBM i experts

Maximize the Value of Your Business Data with Seamless Data Delivery



OS/400 OS400 V5, IBM i V5R4, 6.x, 7.1 and above

PC Database MySQL, MS SQL Server, Oracle, MariaDB, Postgres SQL, Azure SQL, LUW DB2, MaxDB, Tibero

Windows OS Windows 7, 8, 10 and above, Windows Server 2012 and above

Hardware minimum CPU P5 / RAM 128MB / HD 200MB required

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