Newlook Suite

Improve the usability of your IBM i applications

Give your IBM i applications a new look in minutes

Newlook Suite

Newlook Suite is an integrated set of products that are designed to work together to simplify the process of modernizing IBM i applications. Developers can mix and match products in the suite to meet their individual requirements. All products in the suite are designed around the underlying dynamic recognition engine, which means they are built to work together seamlessly.

A Modern User Experience

Meet your customers’ and internal business users’ expectations. Newlook Suite automatically generates and delivers modern Web applications, applying all current standards, with the performance that Web users have come to expect.

Generate Web apps from existing sources

Newlook’s rule-based recognition engine performs work automatically, so screen-by-screen editing is largely a thing of the past. The engine is smart, global and dynamic, which allows you to create UIs dynamically.

All your development needs in one suite

The fully integrated suite handles all of your development needs. Newlook Suite provides all of the IBM i development tools you need to modernize IBM i applications. It handles re-facing, integration, Web services, mobile & cloud enablement and more.

Newlook Key Features

  • Insights feature helps you understand how your application is being used.
  • Point-and-click macros or scripts for easy integration and extension.
  • Capacity to create reusable components from 5250/OA/3270 applications for Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)
  • “Designer” provides drag and drop support for re-facing and new UIs for composite application.
  • Integrated debugging, error handling, printer emulation and multi-session & file transfer support; multiple APIs for seamless desktop integration.
  • Integrated support for emulation, HTML5 UIs, Smart Client UIs; supports IBM’s RPG Open Access & SSL and VPN for security.

Newlook Developer

Give your IBM i green screens a new look in minutes
Newlook Developer is a powerful application development and green screen modernization tool that automatically transforms your 5250 green screens into spectacular modern UIs for desktop, Web and mobile. It supports a rich set of GUI controls, desktop integration, Web services and direct database access and lets you extend the functionality of your IBM i applications and enables users to access them quickly and securely anytime, from any device.

Newlook Smartclient

Interact with modernized IBM i applications
Browsers don’t always support all IBM i emulator functionalities. When modernizing to web, you may require speed, keyboard buffering and type ahead to remain as productive as on IBM i. Smartclient allows for tight desktop integration, strong keyboard compatibility and the power to have multiple sessions talk to each other. Deploy smart clients with a single development effort and take advantage of all the rich features you use in your 5250 screens today.

Newlook Server

Access your critical IBM i applications anywhere, anytime
Newlook Server allows you to create modern web applications and gain access to IBM i data with a new look and feel, and a modern design. It supports composite applications and generates HTML5 zero deployment user interfaces. It enables you to access IBM i applications from any browser, on desktop and mobile