Maxava, an IBM Premier Partner, has been successfully developing and delivering real-time replication solutions for the most complex IBM i environments since 2000.  No IBM i environment is too large, too complex, or too small to gain significant benefits from real-time replication. Maxava’s development mandate has always been to produce high-performance, enterprise-class replication solutions that eliminate downtime and data loss; and deliver them with unparalleled service and support. 


Fresche is the one place you can turn to for all your IBM i modernization and management needs. Our solutions help you take advantage of modern computing practices and technologies such as Web, mobile and open-source to improve business processes and develop customer-facing and revenue-generating applications. Our customers benefit from expertise that has been gained from over 40 years of serving a combined client base of 22,000 global companies including household brand names. We work with you to align IT with your business goals, and in the process, we help you build a solid future for your IT.


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Instantly replace your tape backup with UBD for faster, more secure backups and restores. UBD is a fibre channel appliance that plugs into your IBM i instead of your tape drive and supports the same CL and backup commands you’re already using. Built-in deduplication and replication simplifies your backup process and increases your Disaster/Recovery protection. UBD supports backup for IBM i, Linux, AIX, and Windows servers. Additionally, it is also available as a Windows VM.

ViTL is a virtual tape library solution for IBM Power Systems

ViTL is a virtual tape library solution for IBM Power Systems. Save your backups to your hard drive, NAS, SAN, deduplication appliance, or the cloud.
Use ViTL instead of physical tape and simplify your operations. ViTL connects via Fibre Channel or SAS to your iSeries, System i, Linux or AIX system.

QMirror DB makes it easy and risk-free to replicate data from IBM DB2 for i (AS/400 DB2) to various PC databases (MySQL, MS SQL Server, Oracle, MariaDB, Postgres SQL, LUW DB2, MaxDB, Tibero) in real time, enabling you to improve business efficiency, reduce operating costs, utilize open-source resources, and make proactive business decisions based on current events.