Free Web-Based Access to Your IBM i Applications During COVID-19 Crisis

We recognize the challenge that companies are facing right now in providing employees with secure access to their IBM i applications. We are offering organizations free help and a temporary unlimited user license of our web-enablement software, Presto. Presto will enable you to get remote connectivity established for your staff, enabling employees to work from home without requiring VPN.

What is Presto?

Presto is a web enablement and modernization solution that helps companies that run mission critical applications on IBM i to quickly render green screens as web pages. 

“Any IBM i shop that has a need to extend an application or data to the web could use Presto with their in-house RPG developers. Presto allows for the creation of a web application at a fraction of the cost.” Jay Pierce, President, JRP & Associates

Modern Web GUI

Quick Results: All of your green screens are instantly accessible as modern web pages.
– Intuitive Navigation: Menus and function keys are converted to links and buttons.
– No Source Changes: No source code changes required with the 5250 datastream.
– 5250 or RPG OA: You can use the 5250 datastream and OA with a single license.
– Easy Access: Users only need a browser to access the screens from any device.
– Use Existing Staff: Presto is easy for RPG programmers to learn.

Improve Appearance and Functionality

Visual Editor: Programmers without HTML experience are productive right away using the Visual Editor to add tabs, charts, images and other UI elements.
User Productivity: Users can navigate screens with their mouse and enter data with autocompletes and datepickers.
Database-Driven UI Elements: Use SQL to populate dropdown lists and autocompletes and more or access DB2 data.
Future-Proof: Optionally integrate Presto screens with other web technologies/apps.

 Mobile Support

Mobile Layout: Presto automatically detects the device type and displays a layout that maximizes screen real estate and optimizes performance.
Function Key Support: Presto includes a virtual keyboard for function keys.
Mobile App: Optionally access iPhone/iPad device hardware using Presto’s iOS app.

Request 3-Month Unlimited License

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