Maxava Covid-19 Customer Program

Maxava is offering FREE use of its Mi8 remote monitoring and management software.

Learn more by signing up for our Free webinar on the 25 August 2020.

What is Monitor Mi8

Monitoring is not just a technical exercise – monitoring has bottom line benefits for almost every company.

Monitor Mi8 is an intelligent monitoring solution for your IBM Power Systems (IBM i, AIX and Linux) and Windows. As a cloud-native and mobile solution, Mi8 delivers up-to-date system information wherever you are, however you need it and on the device you choose.

[WEBINAR] Maxava Covid-19 Customer Program

Business continuity
Business continuity which improves revenue and profits

End User Satisfaction
Better end user satisfaction and experiences which delivers higher employee productivity

Right sized support and operational resourcing for the demands on your mission critical systems

More Time
Frees up time and capacity for continuous improvement by your IT specialists

Better Info
Improves the information available for operational decisions

Fast Response
Creates faster responses from your IT specialists during incidents.

What you get

Use of Monitor Mi8 until the end of September 2020.

Free installation
Free installation and configuration by one of our technical specialists for up to two hours.

Alerting options:
Main Web Console Screens

Of course, Monitor Mi8 can do even more than what you have seen so far.


Once the software is configured you will be able use it to monitor your systems via our industry leading Cloud Console and receive environment alerts via email to your nominated email addresses.