Newlook Server

Newlook Server

Easily turn your existing IBM i applications into new Web and mobile UIs

Newlook server

Provide access to your IBM i applications anywhere, anytime

Employees, partners and customers need access to critical enterprise applications even when they can’t get to the office. Newlook Server lets you easily provide access to IBM i applications from any device that supports a browser, including mobile devices. Newlook Server supports composite applications and generates HTML5 zero deployment user interfaces. It lets you provide anywhere-anytime access to your IBM i applications, without extra development effort.

Easily create multi-channel UIs

Your internal resources require the performance, functionality and integration provided by smart clients. But your business partners and customers may need thin client access; mobile users are different. Newlook Server includes a complete UI framework that lets you easily deliver applications anywhere-anytime via any channel with the client type best suited to each user.

Support your enterprise applications

Newlook Server in conjunction with Newlook Developer makes specific functions of your application available via the web. From embedding application functions in your website to integrating different apps under one UI, Newlook Server serves thousands of users simultaneously and supports your enterprise applications into the future.

Re-use existing apps with no changes

A single dynamic repository can support the multi-channel requirements of internal users, external users (partners and customers) and mobile users. With Newlook Server, you have the ability to deliver the most appropriate UI style without having to make changes to the existing IBM i applications.

Dynamically generate pure web-based UIs

Newlook Server delivers pure web-based UIs directly to your customers, employees and business partners. Zero deployment UIs are best suited for external users like partners and customers. They support popular browsers, and can be accessed on IOS, Android, Windows Mobile, Blackberry, Linux, Mac or Windows.

Mobile-enable IBM i applications

Make IBM i applications look and feel right on any mobile device. Your IBM I applications will not just work on any mobile platform, they will be automatically optimized to deliver the mobile experience that your users expect.

Use web services to simplify the user experience

Web services offer a way to integrate functions and application logic both internally and externally without having to deal with the complexity of multi-platform interoperability. Offer your customers suppliers and partners services to access systems in a simple manner.

How Newlook Server can help you:

Reduce costs

Re-use existing applications instead of developing new Web-based ones from scratch.

Increase productivity

Give your employees remote access to corporate data and applications.

Improve customer service

Provide real-time, customized access to host applications.

Leverage existing apps

Zero deployment thin clients let users access any existing application through any device that supports a browser.

Improve agility

Deliver self-service applications to employees, customers, partners and other applications with web services.

Provide options

For workers who need IBM i-style performance, employ Newlook’s Smartclient alongside Newlook Server.

Newlook Server key technical features:

Scale infinitely without affecting your workload on the IBM i.

Provide an integration layer to connect the components that make up composite applications.

Extend existing applications and build new ones without 5250/DDS limits using RPG Open Access.

Modernize existing 5250 applications with or without source code.

Provide a zero deployment HTML5 UI, supporting all modern browsers and devices.

Build web services and easily optimize the application’s look, feel and content with the drag and drop designer.